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Iowa Department of Natural Resources

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Pheasants Forever have a long-standing partnership which is based on sound management practices and outstanding leadership in the field of conservation. Not only does Iowa Pheasants Forever work with the DNR to obtain new grounds for public use, but we also provide them with thoughts, suggestions and management plans on how to better the environment that surrounds us. For all of your hunting, fishing and license needs, please visit the Department of Natural Resources website and plan your next visit or hunting excursion today!

Wildlife Management Areas

Welcome to Iowa's public wildlife management areas. The DNR's Wildlife Bureau manages over 356,000 acres that are available for public recreational use every day of the year. All of these areas are managed with revenues for the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses that are purchased by resident and non-residents. These state revenues are supplemented with Federal Sport Fish & Wildlife Restoration funding from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. This federal money is comprised of an excise tax on hunting and fishing equipment collected by the federal government and then distributed back to state fish and wildlife agencies. As such, wildlife management areas are funded almost solely by hunters, fishers, and trappers.

The funding sources used to manage these areas insure that they are managed to provide habitat for Iowa's native wildlife species and those species that migrate through our state. Developing and restoring wildlife habitat to ensure that wildlife species have a safe place to breed, rest, and feed is the primary management objective. Wildlife dependent recreational activities are allowed to enable residents and non-residents to enjoy these wildlife species.

Only basic public use facilities such as parking lots and boats ramps are provided. Portions of these areas may be designated as refuge and restrictions are placed on certain uses that may interfere with management goals and objectives.

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