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Pheasants Forever News

A Hat Tip to Iowa, the Pheasant “Tenderloin” Sandwich

Covey of Quail & Waffles With Blackberry Bourbon Maple Syrup

Recipe: Rockin’ Rooster Sandwich

National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic Opens Friday in Des Moines

Recipe: One Pot Chinese Pheasant

Bird Dog Breeds Wag the Way to National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic

Recipe: Pheasant Confit Barbecue Tacos

Join Purina at National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic

What’s Trending for the Upland Hunter in 2015

Upland Conservation Funding: Kansas Pheasant Initiative to See Boost

Pivot Corners Now Eligible for Upland Habitat Buffers Program

Wanted: Bird Dogs on Parade at National Pheasant Fest

Recipe: Winter Warmer - Braised Pheasant with a Pancetta

Pheasants Forever’s Regional Headquarters Grand Opening

Iowa: Acres Remain for Landowners Wanting to Improve Pheasant Habitat

Syren, Reengineering Shotguns for Women

Rooster Report: January Pheasant Hunting

Minn. Governor Proposes Buffer Initiative as Way to Improve 125K Acres for Pheasants

Food & Cover Plots: An Essential Upland Habitat Practice

Video: Minnesota Pheasant Summit

Musculoskeletal Development & Early Training

Recipe: Hunter-Style Pheasant - Fagiano alla Cacciatora

How I Evolved as an Upland Hunter

Maximizing Performance with Periodization

Paw Power

Recipe: Honey Mustard Pheasant Party Wings

Minnesota: Working on 4-Year Plan to Boost Pheasant Numbers

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever 2015 State Meetings

New: Women’s WSI Microtech Shirt

Upland Habitat Focus of Inaugural Minn. Governor’s Pheasant Summit

Bird Dog Nutrition: Prime ‘Em for Optimal Field Performance

Recipe: Mushroom Stuffing for Game Birds

Rooster Report: Late Season Comes Early

Minnesota is Talking Pheasants: Register Now for State’s First-Ever Pheasant Summit

Rooster Road Trip Recap: Nebraska sets Public Access Standard for Bird Hunters

Rooster Report: Nebraska Opening Weekend Success

Gait & Lameness: Recognition & Treatment of Soft-Tissue Injuries in the Field

Gear Review: Tenzing Pheasants Forever Shooter’s Bag

Recipe: Penne alla Vodka with Pheasant

Top 25 Pheasant Hunting Towns in South Dakota

Is Your Bird Dog Checking You Out?

Applying a Lean Look to Feeding Guidelines

Keeping Canine Athletes at a Healthy Weight

Stress Can Lead to Digestive Upset in Athletic Dogs

Join Purina and SportDOG Brand at Pheasant Fest

Cold Weather Canine Care

New Purina Pro Plan SPORT Bars Help Fuel Active Dogs

Working Dogs May be Exposed to Diseases in the Field

Potentially Dangerous Mean Seed Disease Could be Lurking in Fall Fields

Tips for Traveling Safely with Working Dogs

Looking for Signs of Limber Tail

Raw Food Facts

Training and Working with Older Dogs

Managing Canine Stress with Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora

Feeding a Performance Dog Food Can Help Maximize Endurance

On the Road Again – With Your Canine Companion

Do Your Homework First

Gearing Up for Fall Hunting Season & Field Trials

Providing Adequate Hydration during Summer Exercise

Recognizing the Dangers of Overheating in Dogs

Undetected Sporting Injuries Can Reduce a Dog’s Performance

Feeding Performance Food in the Off-Season Helps Optimize Endurance

Reducing Stress to Optimize a Working Dog’s Performance

Enhancing the Performance of Senior Dogs

Maintaining Optimal Body Condition for Health & Performance

Performance Nutrition Equals Field Performance

Six Reminders for Feeding Hardworking Bird Dogs

Feeding Highly Active Dogs During Hunting Season

A Few More Tips for Adding a Second Dog

American Brittany or French Brittany?

Some Key Do’s and Don’ts When Your Birds Meet Smoke and Fire

When Did I Shoot That? Saving a Freezer-Burned Pheasant

Pen-Raised vs. Wild Birds: What you need to know in the kitchen.

S.D. Pheasant Brood Survey: Region Breakdown

Iowa Roadside Survey: Region-by-Region Pheasant Breakdown

Minnesota Continues Pheasant Country Trend, 6% Increase in Roadside Survey

Don’t Miss Your Shot at Pheasants Forever’s Gun of the Year

Top Reasons to Attend National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic 2015

Make the Tough Shots Look Easy

Refresh & Conserve With Pepsi-Cola of Mitchell, S.D.

Jim Hautman’s “Busting Out” Named Pheasants Forever’s 2014-2015 Print of the Year

PF Names Six New Members to National Youth Leadership Council

Pheasants Forever Banquet Leads to New Ford Truck

North Dakota Spring Pheasant Count Tops Last Year

Prevent Gunshy Problems in your Pup this Fourth of July

Five Tips for Adding a Second Bird Dog

Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologists Ready to Help Landowners Enroll in CRP

Sportsmen’s Act Would Create Millions of Acres of Public Hunting Lands

New USDA Program Focused on “Bullseye Benefits” for Pheasants & Wildlife

Help Make Conservation Easement Tax Incentives Permanent

Substances Toxic to Dogs

Birth of a Bird Dog Litter

The Fight for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Upland Conservation Efforts & Sportsmen’s Access Expand with Strong Farm Bill Implementation

Hunting Hotspot: May 2013

Hunting Hotspots: June 2013

Hunting Hotspots: July 2013

Hunting Hotspots: October 2013

Hunting HotSpots: November 2013

Hunting Hot Spots: March 2014

Bird Dogs, Scent and Finding Birds

Five Widespread Myths about Pheasant & Quail Populations

Kansas Sets 2014-2015 Upland Season Dates

Recipe: Pheasant White Chili

My First Bird Dog's First Pheasant Hunt

Meet My First Hunting Dog

Lap Dogs for Longtails? Small Dogs Will Work for Big, Bad Roosters

My First Bird Dog - Time for Help from a Pro

Dog Training - How Hot is Too Hot?

What's Your Dog Training Golden Rule?

Bird Dogs Make the Work Day Better

Searching for the Best Bird Dog Registered Names

My First Bird Dog - Make Retrieving an Addiction

Puppies: What the Training Manuals Don't Say

Meet My First Bird Dog!

My First Bird Dog - When everyone's a Dog Expert

My First Bird Dog - Best Bird Dogs for an Apartment

My First Bird Dog - Rationalizing the Sticker Shock

My First Bird Dog - Stuck Between Two Litters

What Was Your First Bird Dog?

My First Bird Dog - Why Attend a Hunt Test or Field Trial?

My First Bird Dog - Just Show Me the DOGFAX

My First Bird Dog - Gun Dog Experts' #1 Piece of Advice

My First Bird Dog - What I'm Looking For

My First Bird Dog

Breed Breakdown: Which Wirehair is Which?

Rooster Road Trip South Dakota Recap - GSP Edition

North Dakota Recap: First Time for Many Things

South Dakota Recap: Labrador Retriever Edition

Nebraska Recap: The Best "Mixed" Success a Hunter Could Ask For

Garmin Alpha: Yes, It's Worth It

Iowa Recap: The Land of GSPs, Labs, and Fast-Flying Pheasants

Minnesota Recap: Getting Back to Where it All Began

Flushing Bars: Simple Devices Save Pheasants in Hayfields

Wildlife Habitat Grant to Help Michigan Pheasants

Recipe: Buffalo Pheasant Dip

Ringnecks in First Snow: It Doesn't Get Any Better

In Memoriam: A Favorite Slough

Contest: What's Your Greatest Bird Dog Training Success?

The Greatest Field Gun: The Remington 870

Hey, Nice "Pocket Rocket"....And Other Bird Dog Breed Nicknames

Bird Dog: Do Bells Really Spook Roosters

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pheasant Jambalaya

Recipe: Swiss Mushroom Pheasant

Opening Weekend Pheasant Hunting Report: South Dakota

Pheasant Hunting Opening Weekend Report: Iowa

Pheasant Hunting Opening Weekend Report: Southwest Nebraska

Early Season Pheasant Hunting Report: Colorado

Early Season Pheasant Hunting Report: Kansas

Midseason Pheasant Hunting Report: South Dakota

Midseason Pheasant Hunting Report: Minnesota

Late Season Pheasant Hunting Report: North Dakota

Late Season Pheasant Hunting Report: Kansas

This is My Classic Shotgun: Pre WWII Webley & Scott

This is My Classic Shotgun: Ranger Reaches 4th Generation

Pheasant Hunting at Waterfowl Production Areas

White Rooster Caps December Hunt

This is My Classic Shotgun: Remington Model 17 Pump 20 Gauge

Bird Dog Question: Help for High-Energy GSP Owner

Bird Dog Question: Pup Can't Hold It

This is My Classic Shotgun: 1934 Fox Sterlingworth 16 Gauge

Just How Much CRP Land Has Pheasant Country Lost?

The 25 Best Bird Hunting Towns in America

Pheasants Forever Spotlights the 12 Most Threatened Areas in Pheasant Country

Minnesota Pheasants: Late Spring Increases Importance of Delayed Roadside Mowing

Ten Pheasant Shotgun Patterning Questions Answered

PF Praises S.D. Governor for Lifting State Land Acquisition Moratorium

Minnesota's Walk-In Access Adds 6,000 Acres

"Liberty" the Brittany awaits Soldier's Return

South Dakota Walk-In Area Program Turns 25

How Old Are Those Pheasant Chicks?

Prairie Grouse Hunting Outlook

Minnesota Unveils New Critical Habitat Pheasant License Plate

Early Season Pheasant Hunting Report: Minnesota

Early Season Pheasant Hunting Report: South Dakota

Minn's newly-Designed Pheasant Critical Habitat License Plate Now Available

This is My Classic Shotgun: 1936 DHE Parker 16 Gauge

Ten Bird Dog Breed Popularity Trends

Annual Report: Chapters Spending Over $25,000

Annual Report: Top 10 Shelterbelt Planting Chapters

Annual Report: Top 25 Chapters - Nesting Cover Acres

Annual Report: Top 25 Education & Outreach Chapters

Annual Report: Top 10 Wetland Acres Chapters

Annual Report: Top 10 Membership Banquets

My Favorite Shotgun for Pheasants

Farm Bill Headed to President's Desk Thanks to Senate Passage

U.S. House Passes Farm Bill

Farm Bill Agreement Reached, Awaits House Vote

South Dakota Pheasant Habitat Work Group Members Selected

PF Applauds Gov. Daugaard for Successful Pheasant Habitat Summit

S.D. Governor's Pheasant Habitat Summit is Dec. 6

Sodsaver Provision Must Be National, Not Regional

ACTION ALERT: Finish the Farm Bill

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Waterfowl Production Areas

Maintaining the Good Name of Hunters during Challenging Times

Farm Bill Extension Expires, PF presses Congress to Act

Iowa PF Chapter Honored for Innovative Clean Water Project

The Farm Bill Heads to Conference Committee

Update: Farm Bill Fails in House

Your U.S. House Representative Needs to Hear from Pheasant Hunters Today

Farm Bill Clears Senate as September 30th Deadline Looms

PF Receives $1 Million Grant for Habitat Improvement on 3,829 Minnesota Acres

Action Alert: Your Senator Needs to Hear from Pheasant Hunters This Morning

Farm Bill Markup Completed by both Senate and House Agriculture Committees this Week

Pheasants Forever Outlines Top Conservation Priorities for 2013

Winter Pheasant Habitat Conditions

Minnesota 2014 Pheasant Hunting Season Set, Walk-in Access Expanding

The Difference between Field Trials and Hunt Tests

Eleven Observations from Pheasant Fest 2014 (1)

It's Pheasants Forever Banquet Season

A Pheasant Hunter's Christmas List

Recipe: Pheasant Harvest Soup

BOOK REVIEW: "A Bird Hunter's Table"

UPDATES: Izzy, Trammell and a Thank You

Book Review: Hank Shaw's "Duck, Duck, Goose"

Our Busy Izzy Rests

Wild Game, it's what's For Dinner

Season Opener Caption Contest

Pheasants Forever Visa Card passes $600,000 Mark in Funds Generated for Habitat

The Dogless Pheasant Hunter

Reading your Bird Dog's "Tells"

To Mom & Dad: Thanks for giving me a life outdoors

I Prefer to Hunt Alone

Bird Dogs, Big Walleyes and Bears at Driftwood Lodge

Bird Dog Names, From A to Z

Early Risers Find the Birds

Defining a Good Bird Dog Blood Line

Don't be intimidated by Breed Clubs, Hunt Tests and Field Trials

Prevent Gunshy Problems in your Pup this 4th of July

114 Days 'Till the South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Opener

The Dog Days of Summer

The 5-Tool Pheasant Hunter

Why Do My Bird Dogs Like Turtles

Naming Your New Bird Dog Puppy

The Importance of Prescribed Fire in Habitat Management

The Eleven Official U.S. State Dogs

Designing Shelterbelts for Pheasant Winter Cover

What's the Nickname of your Favorite Pheasant Hunting Honey Hole?

Field Trail Dogs Produce Great Hunting Puppies

April 15th Marks 30th Anniversary of Pheasants Forever's 1st Banquet

Puppy Pointers . . . for after you get Home

Go FIshing for Pheasant Habitat

Happy Birthday Bird Dog

Replicating Georgia Pellegrini's Stuffed Pheasant

Hank Shaw's Pheasant Wiener Schnitzel

My Pheasant Fest Agenda

Go-To Gear of the Pheasant Hunting Experts

The Best Compliment for a Bird Hunter: I Want a Bird Dog like Yours

The 39-Year Old Pheasant Hunter Contemplates Growing Up

One Pheasant Hunter's Observations from the 2012 Season

Your Pheasant Hunting Season is Over, Now What?

They Don't Point, but Flushers Have Their Bird Cues Too

Field Etiquette for Bird Dogs

Field Report: Out West Action in Nebraska

The Gun Dog Lifestyle

Clean Water and Trout on the Kinnickinnic

Make a Difference Whether Your Backyard is 400 Acres, 40 Acres or 4/10 of an Acre

Bury Me With My Dog

Keeping Flushing Dogs in Range

Decorah, Iowa: Pheasant Hunting and Much More

Why Don't You Hunt Late Season Roosters?

The Rooster Trail

An Open Apology to Chipmunks

Top Ten Signs it’s NOT Pheasant Hunting Season

Dedications to Dearly Departed Gun Dogs

Bird Dog’s Brush with Law

Do Gun Dogs Have an Innate "Autumn" Clock?

Hunting Led Me to Conservation

A Father’s Day Story: Never Tell Mom

Pheasants Forever Puppy Power

Is It September Yet?

Save Your Dog’s Life

3 Top Reasons to Trust Your Dog Afield

A Coyote Attacks Your Bird Dog - What Do You Do?

Top 5 Pheasant Dog Owner Mistakes

What's Unique about a Western Pheasant Hunt

Legacy Gun: Truly More Than a Gift

The Biggest Mistakes Pheasant Hunters Make

Gnarly Rooster Hunts I've (Barely) Survived

You Know it’s Opening Day When…

House Training a Gun Dog

I Love Pink Guns

Switching to the 20 Gauge for Pheasant Hunting

Want to Shoot Better? Buy a Flashlight

Recipe: Easy Crock Pot White Pheasant Chili

To Mom & Dad: Thanks for giving me a life outdoors

Do Upland Bird Hunters "Scout?"

The Yawn Before the Pheasant Crash

Recipe: Pheasant and Black Bean Soup

Eleven Observations from Pheasant Fest 2014

PF Projects Earn $30K in SportDOG Brand Grant Contest

South Dakota Pheasant Habitat Work Group Holds First Meeting

Top 5 Wild Game Care Mistakes

Women Upland Hunters: Not Yet Ubiquitous, But Not a Different Breed

Hats off to the Dogs of Pheasant Fest

What the Dogs Taught Him

Pheasant Fest Favorites (1)

Bumpers Where They Don't Belong (1)

My Upland Season: So Far, So Good...

A Round of Applause for Beretta Women's Vest & Sweater

Why a Vermonter on the PF Board

Recognizing a Bloat Emergency Could Save Your Dog's Life

No "Versatile Champion" Title This Year, Yet Still the Ultimate Reward

Can't Discount the Old Guys

Gear and Gun Dogs: What's Perfection?

Summer Dog Training: The Show Must Go On

Bird Hunting Dilemmas to Ponder in the Off-Season

The Bird Dog Name Game

On Women Hunters: Rethinking Pink

Fido Photo Ops

It's Porcupine Season

Upland Hunting Opportunities Expand at 15 National Wildlife Refuges

South Dakota Sets 2014 Pheasant Hunting Season Dates

Hunting is My Aromatherapy

My Go-To Bird Dog Training Gun

Ten Nifty Hunting Gear Tricks

Six Ingredients for Upland Habitat Project Success

Great Advice for Puppy Season

Winter Bird Doggin' Wonders

Pheasant Hunting: The Delight is in the Details

Nail Polish and a Spikehorn

Bird hunting's Instant Replay

Strangers Aren't Always So Strange

Things My Dog Teaches Himself

Naming a Puppy This Spring? Ten Popular Dog Names to Love or Leave

Bumpers Where They Don't Belong

Pheasant Fest Favorites